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Donate to the Peter Douglas Coastal Fellowship Fund

We are saddened to hear of Peter Douglas’ passing. Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to his family. He was an inspiration to countless people and a true champion for California’s extraordinary coast. In Peter’s honor and memory, the Peter Douglas Coastal Fellowship Fund has been created to cultivate the next generation of coastal stewards. We are privileged to serve as the sponsor of the fund.

Dennis J. Long
Executive Director

The Peter Douglas Coastal Fellowship Fund has been established to promote public service and cultivate the next generation of coastal stewards in California, as a tribute to Peter’s legacy of environmental leadership in the state. Funds will be used to place a diverse group of talented individuals in mentored fellowships at the California Coastal Commission.

The Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation administers the fund on behalf of the California Coastal Commission, as a nonprofit partner.

Learn more about Mr. Douglas below.

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Peter Douglas

Peter Douglas has been the California Coastal Commission’s third and longest-serving Executive Director. He was a key player in the drafting and passage of Proposition 20 (the Coastal Initiative) in 1972, as well as the California Coastal Act of 1976, which created the Coastal Commission. He has guided its implementation ever since. Mr. Douglas will retire from his position as Executive Director in November 2011, for health reasons.

Peter is a devote believer in Joseph Campbell’s advice that the way to live one’s life is to follow your bliss. His bliss, as well as his passion and avocation are and will continue to be environmental stewardship.

During his 34-year tenure at the Coastal Commission, Peter has earned the love, respect and loyalty of his staff, and has served as an inspiration to environmental advocates and stewards statewide and beyond. Peter’s commitment and vision for the California coast as a precious and irreplaceable resource for everyone has never wavered.

When asked if he had any idea when he started out what sort of a legacy he would create and leave for the people of this state, his reply was, “Absolutely not. I never thought about it. I just thought it was noble work, and I wanted to make a difference.

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